Kids Holiday Gift: 8-Page Mini-Cookbook From 1 Sheet of Paper

A 6-page mini-cookbook is a great kids gift project.

An 8-page mini-cookbook is a great kids gift project.

by  donR

Holiday gifts made by children are always fun to receive, especially when we see how proud they are about their creation.

In keeping with the holiday spirit of  giving, I am posting 5 days of gifts children can make for the kitchen. The good news is they keep on giving because they will be used again and again. Our first gift is the 8-page mini- cookbook:

mini book 3A mini cookbook is a perfect present for those who like to cook. Perfect? Here’s why:

  • It’s a project that children and teens like to make. For children this is a big gift project that reaps great family rewards.
  • Making a book takes origami skill, planning, research and creativity to produce a memorable booklet.
  • Family members like to receive them, especially when a new recipe or cooking Tip or Trick is shared.
  • When the cookbook-making becomes a seasonal tradition it’s fun to see them accumulate and displayed on a special shelf in your (or grampa and grandma’s) kitchen.

To make the book, take a sheet of 8 1/2 (or larger) paper and folds it as shown in this youtube video. 

After you fold the  book, you can mark the page numbers and unfold the paper. It is easier to write and draw on a flat sheet of paper. Plan how you are going to lay out your recipe and begin writing on page 2. Page one is the title page.  Be sure to add pictures.

Tomorrow, we’ll share another gift idea that kids can make.

Stay tuned: