It’s Berry Season: Fill Your Freezer The EZ Way

You can buy berries or pick your own directly from Boxx Berry Farm.

You can buy berries or pick your own directly from Boxx Berry Farm.

Isn’t it amazing how fast strawberry season passed us by? But don’t fret because new varieties of strawberries seem to last all year. Not so with the other berries found in the Pacific Northwest. Just a year ago we gave you a primer on preserving blackberries and now is a good time to talk about those super healthy raspberries and blueberries.

Blueberries and their cousins, raspberries and blackberries, are revered for their rich flavor and vibrant colors. However Living Strong goes on to share the many health benefits of eating blueberries. They and other nutritionists point out that a compound found in these berries helps prevent cancer, reduce inflammation and slow the aging process. Not only that, they are high in fiber, essentially fat free and low in calories.

Now is the time to add them to your meal plan . But first get Dr. approval and use them in moderation. Then while you’re at it put up a few bags in your freezer. We’ll describe the EZ Way To Freeze Berries:

  1. Spread the blueberries and raspberries out on a shallow cookie sheet. Be sure they do not touch each other and form just one layer.
  2. Place the sheet in a freezer until the berries are frozen.
  3. Store the berries loosely in a locking plastic bag.
  4. To use, pour out the needed amount and immediately put the rest back in the freezer. (otherwise they will thaw out and stick together when refreezing.

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