Introducing Miss Olivia’s Kitchen: Master Biscuit Mix

Watch Miss Olivia create a Master Biscuit Mix with whole wheat flour

Watch Miss Olivia create a Master Biscuit Mix with whole wheat flour. Just click on the picture and she magically appears.

Miss Olivia Rieland wants to learn more about ABC, Affordable Basic Cooking. She also appears in local play productions. So, we asked her to take a lead role as a chef in our new recipe video series ‘Miss Olivia’s Kitchen.’ These videos will be used in Ferndale Food Bank classes and community presentations. As with all our publications, The videos may be downloaded and used for not-for-profit activities. Just ask us for permission and acknowledgement.


We are excited about the videos but know the quality of our 1st video is less than stellar. Low-resolution camera + inadequate lighting + garage studio + free editing software = poor excuses for a movie-maker.  We will keep making them and learn as we go. Better equipment would speed up the process.You can help us by contributing to the Family Meals Project MOK (Miss Olivia’s Kitchen) fund. Donations are tax-deductible  

Make checks payable to

The Family Meals Project MOK fund

C/O Ferndale Community Service Co-op

PO Box 2205   Ferndale, WA 98248

The family Meals Project is one of several volunteer programs that benefit the broader community of Ferndale, WA. These independent charities are coordinated by the Ferndale Community Service Coop, which will send you a statement verifying your tax-deductible contribution. PLUS we will send you a copy of our soon-to-be published book.