How Nutritious Does The Skillet Meal Need To Be To Be Called Nutritious?

The Ferndale Food Bank’s meal of the month featured a chicken veggie skillet meal. It is true that it tasted great! But was it nutritious enough to be labeled “nutritious?” 

myplateMy Daughter, a macrobiotic instructor, would say, “It depends,”  and every time I hear those two words, I become driven to hit  the books and ‘net for a reasonable response. And I did. What I found was a lot of discussion around the word ‘nutrition’ itself.

 Medical News Today.  made it clear that dietitians, nutritionists, hospitals, and researchers view nutrition (thus nutritious foods) differently. Some focus on how food is broken down and absorbed into  the body then used to complete its body function. (Metabolism) . Others single out nutritious foods to fight disease, prevent disease, provide energy, facilitate weight loss/gain or simply stabilize patients while their body heals in the hospital.

But for most of us, we just want to know if a meal is nutritious enough to meet our needs. To determine this requires an  understanding of how 7 types of nutrients work together to keep you functioning in a balanced state.. These nutrients are proteins. carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, water and fiber and the My Plate model seemingly is becoming an accepted standard for daily requirements.

Choose My Plate (ask your children if you have never heard of this program; they  study it in school) delves into all aspects of nutrition including the nutrient groups, food groups, weight and exercise plans, portion control, calorie chart,daily / weekly  recommended   dietary  allowances and more!

Over the period of a month, we will share different aspects of the :”My Plate” model each week to show how easy it is to answer the question “Is a skillet meal healthy?”

Until then, keep in mind to eat lots of different colored veggies (especially the ones above the ground), a variety of fruit, whole grains nuts, and legumes. Choose smaller portions of -low-fat proteins and dairy. Increase your exercise routine, deep breathing, water intake,  relaxation periods and decrease stress. Now you might ask “How much?”…..Well… “that depends”

Author’s note: Content of  this site is intended to start a discussion.  Consult your doctor if you make changes to your regular food intake.   DonR


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