Host A Simple Community Dinner: Food, Fun, and conversation

Our cook-ins, like the Community Kitchens in Seattle, provide a place for people to gather, assemble meals to take home, enjoy a dinner they helped cook and build friendships..

Teens can get together for an evening of fun, food and conversation.

Teens can get together for an evening of fun, food and conversation at a “Community Dinner.” Photo: iclipart

For those of you who want a simple evening with two or three other families, draw upon ideas developed by The Family Dinner Project. Their idea is to get people together for an evening of food, fun and conversation. Read more to find out how you can plan this simple event and download their organizers’ toolkit.

The community dinner is a great activity for families wanting to have fun, meet new people or deepen established friendships. Children develop social skills by interacting with other kids and adults in a relaxed and cordial atmosphere.

fdp2The family dinner project offers lots of activities on their website. There are fun activities, recipes, a blueprint for hosting a community dinner, and plenty of conversation starters to keep the evening moving along with games and friendly conversation.

We encourage you to subscribe to their site. Better yet subscribe to the newsletter which is full of fun activities each month. We have always said that when you get family involved in planning preparing and sharing meals everyone develops ownership in presenting healthy affordable meals. The Family Dinner Project goes a step further in showing that mealtime can be fun, full of good conversation and another path towards strengthening families.

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