Healthy Eating On A Tight Budget

picture of vegetables

Having fruit and vegetables readily available for snacks is healthy and saves money.

Want to eat healthier foods? Webmd featured a slide show today titled “Healthy Eating Resolutions.” It is well done and their Tips and Tricks echo FMP  principles. Webmd and Mayo Clinic sites  are among my daily reads  because they usually offer nutritional remedies along side of medical interventions.

The 13 slides look at ways to add more fruit and veggies to your meals and snacks, plan ahead, savor the meal, eat out less and eat healthy foods when at work. But the slide show message is more than just about nutrition.

Many of their suggestions will also be money-savers. Eating out less, slow cooking, shared meals, eliminating costly sugar-laden soft drinks and processed foods add up to huge savings each month.  If you want proof, try this experiment just for snacks:

  • go to your favorite grocer and wheel 2 carts around the store.
  • In one cart place a week’s supply of your favorite snacks like chips and dip, cookies, Fritos®, ice-cream, juice and chocolates.
  • In the other cart put an assortment of fruit, celery, carrots, restaurant corn chips, humus, green tea bags, water, Greek yogurt and other natural foods you would munch on.
  • Compare the prices and see whether processed comfort foods are money-savers.
  • Please share the results on our forum.