Healthier Mac & Cheese



Macaroni and cheese: one of America’s favorite comfort foods.

 A link from eating popped up on my email today about 32 comfort foods for fall. On the list was macaroni and cheese: the ultimate comfort food.  Their video clip underscores some of the FMP “Tips & Tricks.”

  • Use a full-flavored sharp cheese in the recipe. Reduce the amount.
  • Use whole wheat macaroni or mix with semolina.
  • Add steamed veggies to pasta meals.
  • Make your own white sauce and add spices.
  • Comfort foods are ok when used sparingly. has recipes and articles for flexitarians like many of us. Follow this link to their site and the Mac & Cheese recipe. One of their goals is to offer recipes with reduced fats and sugars without sacrificing taste.


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