Green Smoothies: The Other Salad?

by donR  September 21, 2015

Green smoothies contain vitamins, minerals, fiber and water. Use with caution.

Green smoothies contain vitamins, minerals, fiber and water. Use with caution.

How is a green salad like a green smoothie? Each can have the same ingredients except salad dressings are usually replaced by fruit juice, fruit or dairy for smoothies. They both are packed with micro-nutrients  which act to fight disease, aid  body processes and keep us well. Fiber,  which is needed for good intestinal health , is lower in smoothies made with juice because the fiber is removed in the process. But when whole  fruit is processed in a blender, fiber stays in the drink. But before you look for recipes read more about the pros & cons of substituting smoothies for green salad:

A Juice machine removes the fiber and seeds. It is a highly concentrated drink.

A Juice machine removes the fiber and seeds. It leaves a highly concentrated drink.

 “Green smoothies; love ’em or hate them,” This was one reaction when I introduced the topic at the Senior Center yesterday. Their comments about the pros and cons of including smoothies in a meal plan deserve a closer look.


  • When made in a blender green smoothies retain fiber
  • It can be made with ice, water, yogurt and juice.
  • Simple way to prepare vegetables without cooking.
  • Make it ahead and store in refrigerator.
  • Easier to digest than solid vegetables
  • Easier to eat with sore throat or dental problems.
  • The meal is compact so you feel full
  • High nutritional value and low in calories


  • Better to eat food that looks natural.
  • Cutting green leaves encourages bacterial growth.
  • Too easy to overeat and conflict with some medications.
  • Hard to measure when used as a supplement.
  • Costs more when purchased out of season

 To get the “rest of the story’ click on Eating Well and download their healthy smoothies cookbook  You will also like their other articles on smoothies.

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