Food Bank Meal of the Month: 1 Skillet Chicken

One Skillet Meals can be easy to fix and very tasty. Chiken breast steeped in garlic thyme rosemary-scented herbs is a perfect choioce to introduce the"Meal of the Month.

One Skillet Meals can be easy to fix and tasty. Chicken breast steeped in garlic, thyme and rosemary is a perfect way to introduce the”Meal of the Month.”

The Family Meals Project is partnering with WSU Extension’s  Food $ense Program, and The Ferndale Food Bank to explore a new idea; “Meal of the Month.” The main course for May is a  One-Skillet Chicken & Veggie Meal. This is an interesting idea and there are many options for using available food either from the food bank or your own pantry. You can use this recipe as a framework and then change the meat, grain and vegetable to fit your needs.

We want to show that a nutritionally-balanced meal can look and taste like it’s out of this world but carry a down-to-earth price tag.  Our one-skillet meal includes food from 3 main food groups and allows for portions that are reasonable. For a balanced meal simply add a leafy-green salad and fruit-laced yogurt.


Over the next 5 months we will follow this procedure.

  • The recipe will be selected by Suzanne and tested  in the second week.
  • During the third week we (FMP) will teach clients how to cook the complete dinner.
  • On the last week of each month Food $ense leaders will distribute the recipe while Food Bank Clients receive all the ingredients needed to cook the meal at home.
  • We will post the meals on this website for you to use at home or in your program. If you try it along with us, share it on Facebook,Twitter, and on our forum.
    One Skillet Meal: Chicken & Autumn Veggies
    Serves 4
    Chicken breasts and veggies simmered in spicy chicken broth.
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    Prep Time
    15 min
    Cook Time
    25 min
    Prep Time
    15 min
    Cook Time
    25 min
    1. 2 split chicken breasts
    2. 1 or 2 T vegetable oil
    3. 1 C chicken broth.
    4. 2 C bias cut carrots 1/2" pieces
    5. 2 C green beans 1" cut
    6. 1/4 t thyme
    7. 1/2 t rosemary
    1. Lay chicken on cutting mat and slice each breast into 2 thin fillets
    2. Heat skillet (med) with garlic and oil then cook each breast 2 min. per side and set aside
    3. Bias cut carrots in pieces and green beans ito 1" lengths.
    4. Combine all ingredients and heat to boil for 5 min
    5. Reduce heat to low & simmer about 15 minutes until it reaches 165°CUT
    1. Check temp of chicken at thickest part. Remove when it reaches 165 degrees otherwise it will dry out.
    2. Cook 3 oz egg noodles as per directions and fold into the cooked chicken 'n' vegetables.or
    3. Cook 2 C rice and serve the skillet meal over the rice.
    4. If you prefer a thick sauce, remove chicken, thicken the sauce and replace the chicken.
    5. Cook extra chicken breasts for planned-over meals.
    6. For a balanced meal add a leafy greens hummus salad and and rhubarb
    Adapted from Suzanne Nevan
    Adapted from Suzanne Nevan
    Family Meals Project