Eating Well: Download Clean Summer Dinners

mixed vgtables

Garden vegetables are a key ingredient in light summer dinners.

“Eating Well” Magazine and website is packed with recipes that are healthy and flavorful. Their ‘clean living’ series of recipes will appeal to families living in the Pacific Northwest whose gardens are overflowing with succulent green veggies.

The recipes use greens with other light ingredients to make dinners that are low in calories, saturated fat, and refined sugar. At the same time you will find these unique recipes high in nutrients and fun to prepare; perfect for warm summer months. Enjoy!

24 Clean, Low-Calorie Recipes  uses a slide show, video, and recipes describing how to prepare low-fat dinners with limited sugar, salt, using whole gains and other natural ingredients.

Here are shortcuts to some of the 24 clean recipes and other downloadable publications.

Super-Green Edamame Salad

30-Minute Clean Dinners

Quick Homemade Mac & Cheese

Wow! Clean Dinners for <$3/Serving

1-Week Clean-Eating Dinner Plan