Dinner Table Talk: Which Is Healther, This or That?

Or This?

Or This?

Which is healhier, This?

Which is healthier, This?



Eating Well magazine posted a challenge to its readers,”Which  is healthier, popcorn  or pretzels?”  and several more “This or That questions.” These questions would certainly start some interesting conversations round the family dinner table.

In my high school health class I used a  picture book with illustrations of different foods. Students were challenged to choose the healthiest combinations. Of course there were several healthy choices and that led to some spirited discussions. Your family could also enjoy this challenge as a lead-in to talking about food preferences. To find the author’s answers and explanations, visit Eating Well.com   for the complete set of video clips. But be careful about their opinions about wellness. Each of us is unique and .has different needs. So, in some cases “It depends” is a very good answer. Or yet another answer could be “I’ll ask my doctor or dietician.”