Dining Out Do’s and Don’ts

by donR  July 21, 2015

Cooking Light suggests choosing grilles, baked or streamed menu items when dining out.

Cooking Light suggests choosing grilled, baked or streamed menu items when dining out.

It’s summertime and everyone is on-the-go; county fairs, vacations or just going to the park. If you plan on dining out or getting take-out food from a deli, here are some do’s and don’t s  to think about such as Cooking Light’s ratings of popular fast food restaurants.

These suggestions came to me in an email from “Cooking Light” and add to one of our previous posts “Dine Out Less and Better” . The Cooking Light authors, in their downloadable booklet “Dining Out Do’s and Don’ts” recommend avoiding chain restaurants that do not provide nutritional information for their menu.

They go on to point out that portion size is often the culprit when trying to limit calories and a reasonable solution is to split the food with another person or have half of it boxed for taking it home. A third suggestion is to order food that is baked, broiled or steamed. For more ideas, download the booklet  Dining Out Do’s and Don’ts and keep it in your car as a reminder.