Counting Calories To Fight Child Obesity: Is there A Better Way?

Did you notice there is no RDA for sugar on the label? Why?  resd more...

Did you notice there is no RDA for sugar on the label? Why? read more…

by donR   August 18, 2015

The fitness craze of the nineteen seventies saw an explosion of calorie-counting magazine articles, diets and books in an effort to assemble healthier meals. Videos, charts and picture cards like these on Wise Geek were used to memorize calories in common foods. But, according to the  documentary film  “Fed Up,”   which examines the scope and underlying causes of childhood obesity, calorie counting was a confusing, and tedious ritual that did little to curb the way American children ate. During that fitness era, low fat or fat-free foods became popular and sugar was added to improve the flavor. Hidden sugar in processed food is now being looked at as a main player in the war against childhood obesity.

The WHO affirms that the obesity rate in America is now about  32%  and children are now showing increasing signs of type II diabetes and other health problems as a result.

Nutrition films like "Fed Up" will soon be added to our list of resourcess

Nutrition films like “Fed Up” will soon be added to our list of resources

Fed Up is one of several ‘advocacy group’ films produced to inform the public about social issues; in this case malnutrition.The film names “sugar” as the villain and goes on to describe how the food and agriculture industries have influenced government restrictions.

Their recommendation, as with other nutrition advocacy groups, is to KISS (keep it simple simple).  Cook with ingredients that look like real food especially whole gains, leafy greens , vegetables and fruit. Limit processed foods which often contain added sugars.

Fed Up contains so much information and documentation that I could not possibility highlight all the important details, So  if you want the ‘Rest of the story’ Fed Up can be rented or purchased though Netflix and Amazon.