Counter-top Appliances: Our Top 5 Choices

Our top choice for best table-top appliances is the slow-cooker. Can you name four more that made the top five list?

Our top choice for best table-top appliances is the slow-cooker. Can you name four more that made the top five list?

by donR October 27, 2015

Small appliances, whether you love them or hate them, are often given as gifts or purchased on impulse. Then they often end up in thrift stores for various reasons, which we will explain later.

But they do have a place in the home kitchen as well as in  restaurants. Are there any homes that are without a Microwave oven, coffee maker or toaster? These are so popular that we will not discuss them here, However there are at least five small appliances that deserve mention  Read more about these time and energy-savers:

 Pros and Cons: Some small appliances are a convenience while others are a necessity for senior Citizens and working parents.  A food processor  will easily chop and slice veggies for people suffering from arthritis.  A digital slow cooker allows parents to put food in the pot, set it and forget it until they come home after work. Other advantages include using less energy ( see the Duke study),  great for travelers using motels and handy for chefs wanting a quick broil or puree.

The down side includes cluttering the counters, demanding storage space and hard clean-up. There are more pros & con  but let’s go on to our five favorites:

#1  The slow cooker is great for making soup stock and soup, tender pork and beef for pulled meat, and savory sauces requiring a long time to simmer.

C immersion blender#2  Immersion blenders are used to mix ingredients for batters, dressings and whipping cream or eggnog. Place it near the bottom of the pot while making vegetable soup and watch the soup thicken as the solid ingredients are chopped & blended.

#3 We use our quesadilla cooker each week. Pockets can be filled with typical taco or burrito ingredients. For dessert place fruit or applesauce in the pockets and serve with a fruit puree.

C food processor#4 A food processor, as mentioned earlier, speeds up the chopping and slicing chores in commercial kitchens as well as home kitchens. We use ours to make  humus and salsa.

C toaster oven#5 I like our small electric toaster-oven even though ours is not digital. We have broiled oysters in a half-shell, baked cookies and melted cheese over home-made pizza shells using this large one from Cuisinart®.

C water heaterHonorable mention goes to our electric water pot. We use boiling water for tea, broth, blanching and to start a braised crock pot meal. The cost of cooking on a range is more than double the counter top appliance according to the Duke study.

Authors note. Cuisinart small appliances are dependable, easy to clean when following  the included directions.