Cooking101:Final Thoughts?

thoughtsby donR October 16, 2015

Final Thoughts? There is nothing final when it comes to cooking. So let me explain why that’s #1 on my “Final thoughts List…. Huh? …..Another list?  Yep…but there are only 4 more things to ponder. Hang in there. Read more to find out what I think is important for emerging cooks to keep in mind. If you have other ideas,  it’s okay to make your own list.

 A short list of important ideas about cooking needs to  include:

#1. Nothing is ever final when you are in the kitchen. How many of you have watched the cook make enchiladas to perfection?  When it is served someone invariably adds more hot sauce, a little salsa, or more cheese it seems like the meal was never Really done.The same goes when learning to cook .You might think you finally finished cooking 101, but there’s always one more gadget to buy, one more recipe to try or one more cooking article to read. So, number one on our list of important ideas is to allow yourself to be continually looking to improve your cooking skills.

 #2 Experiment with ingredients you find in your pantry. Once you are comfortable with cooking from scratch feel free to just throw almost any food together for a small or large meal. Write down how  you made the meal so you can replicate or improve it. This makes cooking fun and exciting. and besides that, using food from your pantry saves you time and money and energy.

#3, Cook different vegetables of different colors using different cooking methods. In this way you’ll be sure to get all the different vitamins and minerals needed for good health. In addition to that, reread #2.

#4  think of food as medicine for the body. as you plan your meal, assemble it and sit down to eat.  Ask yourself if the food you are preparing is good for your body or just to make you comfortable. Hippocrates recognized over 2000 years ago that food can have a healing property and nourish the spirit as well as the body.                                                                            

 #5. Cook with family and friends. This is a way to share ideas, build friendships, have some fun and hone your family’s communication skills.

#6. Avoid processed foods. Well, at least read the label. They are usually loaded with sugar or fat, contain preservatives, emulsifiers, unknown flavorings and dyes  etc. If you can not read the ingredients…opt for the real food.

#7. see #1 above

Here are articles from our archives that you may find useful. Have some food, fun and conversation. donR

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