Budget Saving Tricks

Budget Saving Tricks are here to help make the most of your trip to the grocery store and not break the bank. Believe it or not there several ways to save money in a single shopping trip and make the $20 meal for 6 possible. 

Grocery shopping is an unavoidable expense, and depending on your family size it a can be a sizable part of your budget. We at FMP firmly believe that wholesome shopping can be done on a budget!

Navigating the Grocery Store – shop the perimeter of the store, believe it or not you find most everything you need. The outer edges of most grocers you will find your fresh produce, meats, breads and dairy. Once you step in to the inner aisles you will run into the pre-packaged convenience foods, that surprisingly cost more overall and have far less nutritional value. Convenience is handy but with our time-saving tips you can find new conveniences in your own kitchens.

Buy in BULK – many items can be bought in bulk and will save you several dollars. Most think Costco when you hear bulk and, yes there are great deals and products at Costco. But simple items from your local grocer like, nuts, oats and spices can be purchased in bulk for a better value. 

Coupons and Ads – clipping coupons may seem like something of the past but, there is still value in it. Following sales from your local grocers, taking advantage of coupons to purchase your kitchen staples, items to freeze, and other necessities, will keep your shopping bill low! Many grocers today even have apps and online deals, just keep your eye out! 

Make a Meal Plan & Shopping List – having a plan is a good way to start your shopping trip off right! Making a meal plan will help you to create a shopping list and save you time, as you know exactly what you need. In turn you meal plan will save you money as you are using all groceries you purchased. Less waste in the kitchen means more money in your wallet. 

Store Brands – purchasing store brands and generic is okay! Often time local grocers will have their own brand and sometimes even their own line of organic products. These brands tend to be less expensive than the leading brands and generally taste the same and provide the same quality. 

Cheaper Cuts of Meat – meat is often a large part of our meals and usually the most expensive. Shopping the meat counter, for sales and bulk is a great place to start. Remember meat purchased in bulk can be divided, properly stored and frozen for other meals. Another trick is looking at cheaper cuts, at FMP our favorite swap is chicken breast for chicken thighs. Thighs are just as versatile in the kitchen, have more flavor and come at half the cost. 

Shop in Season – remember at certain times of the year certain produce is at its peak season. When in season certain fruits and vegetable are more affordable.  For example you will find most berries to less expensive in the Summer months, come Winter they are hard to find and very expensive. Asparagus is another example, while available all year round its peak season is Spring and you cab find it at its best price during those months.  

Organic on a Budget – if you are shopping for organic products we have few tricks to help you save money on these items. Organic products differ from conventional foods in that they usually contain fewer pesticides and harmful preservatives. Animals raised organically are not given antibiotics, growth hormones, or fed animal byproducts. Some studies have even shown organic foods to have a higher nutrient content. To help save on the cost it is best to know when to buy organic and when to buy conventional. A great tool for this is the yearly Clean Fifteen and Dirty Dozen guide put out by the Environmental Working Group.  This guide will show which foods are the cleanest to buy conventional and what foods are “dirty”and should be purchased organic. With organics as well we can go back to our store brands trick, many local grocers will have their own brand organics, and they are usually less expensive than leading organic brands.

Here is a great article highlighting some of the tricks above!  17 Ways to Save Money of Groceries!

Another fun video on how to save when shopping! 

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