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“Now if I just had a plan for finding my planner, I could start dinner.”

“Tips and Tricks'” Catchy little phrase isn’t it?  I learned this from Dawn in a blogging class a few years ago so our website is packed with  many tips and tricks for…whatever.  Tips for saving time and money are widely read and I ask myself “Why?” Read more if you want to examine some health issues associated with this or skip to the “Tips and Tricks” below.

I’m sure I learn more from my daughters than I ever taught them and saving time and money is one of them. Or I should say “using time and money wisely” are some of them. One daughter, a well-known macrobiotic instructor, sets priorities for how she schedules her day. She allows time for travel and cooking, both of which allow her to relax and enjoy the scenery or savor the spices and aromas. She is in control of how she schedules her day.

My daughter #2 can tell you what she will be doing on any given day of the week and show you her budget which shows how much she will spend for groceries or the thrift store on that day, if that’s a shopping day. Her family has reading time, school time and prayer time built into their lives. She is in control of how she schedules her week and money.

My #3 daughter allows time in her day for music, making dream catchers and collecting herbs to sell. Her mantra is “It’s all good, Dad.” She is in control of how she spends her time.

Now my #4 daughter may take us back to reality since she has 6 children, 4 of them under seven years old. But somehow she organizes her family to get chores completed, shopping done and still have time for prayer and family. As for saving money she could be called a “Coupon Queen” because her food receipts often show a total of 50% discount. She is often overwhelmed but still in control of how she schedules her day.

What’s the point of this? They somehow  understand that only they can control their spending and schedule. They are in charge and accept the challenge to make time for peace and relaxation.  Stress is a cause of many health issues so they do all they can to reduce stress.

Like I always told my High School students. ” You can be the ball bouncing around in a pin-ball machine  or be the one playing the machine. You get to choose.”

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