Family Involvement

Introduction by donR August 3, 2015

boy and girl sharing food

Learning to communicate can start at any age.

Huh?…You are probably asking, “What does ‘Family Involvement’ have to do with cooking 101? ” Well, after fifty years with family, I finally get it! I recognize  that everything I do has to do with family, even cooking!

Sounds pretty heavy doesn’t it?  But actually it is a simple idea that surfaced as I was exploring ways to blend The The FDPFamily Dinner Project core concepts with our FMP programs. If you truly believe that it is important for families to bond, share ideas, tolerate each others opinions or choices  and support each other as they (we) meander through life, then these “Family Involvement” posts will most likely give you food for thought.

note: Many of the core principles stem from Lynn Barendsen’s work through Harvard University’s Good Works Project.  Over the past two decades ideas have been sewn under ‘The Family Dinner Project‘ banner. The fruit of their effort is a program called “Four Weeks to Better Dinners; Food, Fun, and Conversation”

This September, we will host workshops to introduce the “Four Weeks To Better Family Dinners” program in our community. Watch for more information as we finalize plans.

If you want to learn more about fostering meaningful conversation at the dinner table?  Here are some ideas from our archives.

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