Cook Once For Three Meals

plate with pork roast

Rebecca roasted a pork loin and used it in three delicious meals.

Can a family really cook once for three meals? 

After publishing our “Meal Planner,” my daughter and her good friend took up the challenge to see if they could cook once for use in three meals. They each were delighted to get several meals out of the main ingredient and did it for around $10 per meal.

Here is how they planned their meals. Rebecca planned to roast a 5 pound pork loin. 

  • A pound and a half was cut and served with gravy over rice. That meal included vegetables and fruit
  • Another meal will feature stroganoff 
  • the third will be centered around pulled pork burgers. We’ll write how she did it in our planner.

Our Meal Planner includes a work sheet to encourage families to cook extra food and use the “planned-overs” in several meals. We are expanding it to include more sample meals and recipes. Stay Tuned!