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We want you to share your ideas and experiences as a guest blogger. Just follow these guidelines and send your article.

Guest Post Guidelines

Step 1 Think about how your idea relates to families viewing our website. The FMP connects with people with a variety of interests, including:

  • Cooking low-cost meals
  • Serving nutrient-rich meals
  • Improving health and cohesiveness of family members
  • Looking for ways to make cooking and shopping more efficient, easier, and cost-effective
  • Information about: forming support groups, cooking classes, and budgeting
  •  Ideas and support for food preservation and safety

Step 2

Contact us with your idea and a short blurb about yourself. What content do we accept?

  • The work must be original and include citations for any quotes
  • You must agree to not publish the full post on any other site. Linking to the FMP site, excerpts, and/or repurposing is fine
  • You must include sources if using research or core content of other writers You also need to include author byline after the title, links to your website, and graphics.
  • Formatting:  Post must be clear, simple, edited  and over 400 words. Submit as an RTF or WORD document. Avoid styling it because we will do that but you can use H2 and H3 for sub-heading tags.

Step 3  If you are accepted as a guest blogger, start writing by making a “story board” or “web” of important points. Write, make revisions, write, revise, write, share with a friend, discuss, revise, then have someone edit your last post with you.

Step 4.  Email the article to Insert your post in the body of the email. Attach original artwork and pictures that are to be included in your post. (We will respect your right to ownership of the copyright.)

We will contact you if accepted and tell you when it will be posted. If you just need editing or revisions to some ideas, we will contact you with suggestions so you can make changes and send it back to us.