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5 Reasons Why We Hoard Leftovers, For A While.

tortilla wrap

Planned-overs were used to create this lunch using Re-fried corn bread, summer chicken salad wrapped in tortilla and cottage cheese.

When my daughter, a macro-biotic cooking instructor, visits I’m always curious about the left-overs she has in her brown paper bag. I pretend not to notice but know she has  containers of food-stuffs with which she can create nutritious, simple meals to share with us. She now has me hoarding planned-overs to use in dinners, for snacks or simple lunches, and comfort food. I like having these ingredients readily available.

Should we all be hoarding those bits of food to use while still safe to eat? Here are 5 reasons, guess the one most important to me then pick one important to you and your family. Continue reading

It’s Not Too Late To Save Hundreds of Dollars On Groceries. Act Now!

stock-up-100x128October is the time of year when Northwest farmers have harvested their crops and are beginning to till the soil to get ready for next year. But if your family acts quickly you can still glean fruit and vegetables from the fields and orchards at a reduced price or free. Here are 5 ways to preserve produce and bolster your pantry. Continue reading