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Counter-top Appliances: Our Top 5 Choices

Our top choice for best table-top appliances is the slow-cooker. Can you name four more that made the top five list?

Our top choice for best table-top appliances is the slow-cooker. Can you name four more that made the top five list?

by donR October 27, 2015

Small appliances, whether you love them or hate them, are often given as gifts or purchased on impulse. Then they often end up in thrift stores for various reasons, which we will explain later.

But they do have a place in the home kitchen as well as in  restaurants. Are there any homes that are without a Microwave oven, coffee maker or toaster? These are so popular that we will not discuss them here, However there are at least five small appliances that deserve mention  Read more about these time and energy-savers: Continue reading

Sr Center Slow Cooker Raffle

Slow Cooker

Conair Corporation makes quality small appliances and helps our projects.

Our expanded Senior Wellness & Nutrition Program is entering into it’s 4th month. In the beginning, we gave drawing tickets away at each class and last week we celebrated our success with a drawing for  a Cuisinart slow cooker with digital controls.

The back-story:  Fred came to our first class saying  ‘I really don’t like to cook!” Later he said “I can’t cook,” and just two minutes after that he said “I don’t know how to cook.” Well, the first class was all about crock-pot soup and Fred has been experimenting with fred awardcrock-pot soup every week.

So guess whose name was drawn for the 3.5 qt electronic Cuisinart slow cooker? You’re right and Fred will use it often because he discovered how easy it is to use slow cookers.He also said he can cook a big batch and freeze some for later Here are some other reasons to use slow cookers:

  • Some cuts of meat become tender after the long cooking process.
  • You can load it with food, set it and forget it until your return.
  • Slow cookers save energy, yours and electrical.
  • Easy cleanup
  • Cook without fat and oil for healthy options

Pork Shoulder: Economical, Delicious and Healthy

Gabriel Claycamp itroduced us toIntroduced us to boneless pork shoulder cushions. These 3 1/2 to 5 pound are roasts cost $1.90 per pound at Cash and Carry in Bellingham when purchased in 12 to 15 pound packages.

Gabriel Claycamp introduced us to boneless pork shoulder cushions

Pork shoulder cushions were the centerpiece for December’s Cook-In. Several people commented that they would start using more pork in their meal plan because these boneless roasts cost just $1.90 per pound at Cash & Carry in Bellingham when purchased in bags of four roasts. Pork, the other white meat not only fit their budget, they found it to be versatile and delicious. But in order to be tasty and tender, it needs to be cooked properly. Read more about two simple ways to prepare pork shoulder cushions. Continue reading

Senior Slow Cook-In; Spicy Sausage Chili

 This veggie and sausage chili was made from ingredients found in my pantry. I'm calling it chili simply because there's lots of chili pepper added to the mixture.

This veggie and sausage chili was made from ingredients found in my pantry. I’m calling it chili simply because there’s lots of chili pepper added to the mixture.

Our third slow cooking class with seniors showcased just how flexible crock-pot meals can be. To assemble affordable meals, families living on a limited budget often use just what’s in their pantry rather than buy special ingredients required by recipes. Continue reading

Hosting Your First Cook-In? : Make Simple Pies

The Pie Cook-In was held before Thanksgiving. More than thirty pies adorned tables that day.

More than twenty pies were made at The Pie Cook-In

A pie-baking cook-in is not a new idea. I remember gathering on the farm, stoking the wood stove and making holiday pastries with my aunties. You too can Invite people to join you for an afternoon of pie or cookie baking. It’s quick, simple and, requires few ingredients. Continue reading

Cook-In #2: Learning From each Other

During the cook-in we bagged pulled turkey meat so everyone could take some home for other meals.

During the cook-in we bagged pulled turkey meat so everyone could take some home for other meals.

Fifteen participants joined us for our second Cook-In. We spent the evening assembling a meal together, boxing food to take home, sitting down to enjoy the meal together and sharing ideas. The focal point of the meal was to cook turkeys but when it came to sharing ideas everyone had lots of things to say.

Planning, Preparing and Sharing are the cornerstone of the Family Meals Project and this cook-In allowed for lots of sharing. It was both fun and enlightening to take part in the discussions. Continue reading

Crock Pot Meals For Seniors: 5 Do’s

picture of roast beef

Chuck roasts can be marinated and slow cooked to improve tenderness.

The Crock Pot, AKA slow cooker, is an appliance that some senior ladies use all the time but most of them use the range for cooking, The senior men  preferred microwaves for cooking or warming up leftovers. My research statistics came from 1 visit to a Senior Center and is not very scientific, but it got my attention. Seniors who prefer not to cook, rely upon the microwave and those who cook, like the range. So, why would we want to introduce slow cooking?  Continue reading

Connecting With Families: Our Local Food Bank

Lady cleaning utensils

Virginia Moimoi helped design our first classes at the Ferndale Food bank.

We started cooking with families of the Ferndale Food Bank a year ago and it has led to “The Meal of the Month” program. This is a great way to connect with families about food and meal planning. And it is even more important that clients have an opportunity to share their ideas which makes cooking a “shared experience.”

A tip of the funding hat goes out to the Community Food Coop  for making this program possible.

Continue reading