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Let’s talk Turkey: Pt 1

Picture of a turkey dinner

Turkeys are inexpensive in November. Buy enough to use throughout the year and freeze them.

Let’s Talk Turkey: Part 1, Buying Your Turkey

It’s Thanksgiving season and a great time to buy turkeys on sale. But… be careful about those specials offering a $0.49 per pound turkey when you buy $150 in groceries. In fact there are lots of things to consider when it comes to turkeys like how big to buy, planning, safety, cooking and using planned-overs. These will be topics for the next 5 days. Part 1 lists 5 ideas about buying a turkey: Continue reading

$10 meal: Baked Chicken and Steamed Veggies

$10 meal: Baked Chicken and Steamed Veggies  by Don R

picture of chicken thegh, veggies and green salad

Baked  thighs & steamed veggies team up for a budget-stretching meal.

Watch for sales and stock up. Chicken thighs were $.98 per lb at Fred Meyer and assorted frozen veggies are available anytime for $1 per lb package at The Dollar Store. When put together with a green salad and day-old bread you can feed a family for under ten dollars. To save time, the thighs can be slow cooked but we chose baked to get a nicely browned meat. Steamed squash, peas ‘n corn, and cauliflower fill half the plate. Continue reading