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Green Smoothies: The Other Salad?

by donR  September 21, 2015

Green smoothies contain vitamins, minerals, fiber and water. Use with caution.

Green smoothies contain vitamins, minerals, fiber and water. Use with caution.

How is a green salad like a green smoothie? Each can have the same ingredients except salad dressings are usually replaced by fruit juice, fruit or dairy for smoothies. They both are packed with micro-nutrients  which act to fight disease, aid  body processes and keep us well. Fiber,  which is needed for good intestinal health , is lower in smoothies made with juice because the fiber is removed in the process. But when whole  fruit is processed in a blender, fiber stays in the drink. But before you look for recipes read more about the pros & cons of substituting smoothies for green salad:

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Green Salads 4 Kids: 10 Tips N Tricks

by donR  September 9, 2015

Kids can make salads in containers for each day of the week.

Kids can make salads in containers for each day of the week.

Like green salads? The  USDA recommends that we eat lots of fruit and veggies, to include leafy greens.  They are great for families wanting to save money, eat healthy, and make cooking easier.

We’ve always said, “Start dinners with a glass of water, cup of home-made soup and a bowl of green salad.”  But the response from parents is mixed. they’ll say, “If leafy greens are so good for kids to eat, why is hard to get kids to like them in salad?” Or more bluntly said;  “No way!”

Perhaps it’s the texture, light flavor, or  just the thought of eating grass. But over the years we have seen changes in our four girls to the point that their families now eat leafy greens every day. Here are some tips and tricks that we used when our children were young and some new ideas. Some may work for you: Continue reading

Serve Green Salad Every Day, The EZ Way

picture of a taco meal

Some salad greens grow better in cooler weather. Find out which varieties to plant in your fall garden and how.

by donR  Sept 5. 2015

The weather in the Pacific Northwest is dipping, fruit and vegetables will soon be harvested yet the leafy green crops will hang on until the first hard frost. Fortunately, you an enjoy green salads for a couple more months if you start more growing  in your garden.  Below are 5 tips for growing greens in the Fall. It is well worth the effort because you will have “free” salad makin’s until winter sets in..  Read more about growing salad greens in the Fall and preparing them the EZ way. Continue reading

Cooking 101: 5 Do’s For Thicker Sauces

picture of shrimp pasta

A thick spicy sauce works well with shrimp pasta..

Okay, you’ve gone through the trouble to make perfect rice or pasta. But when you put the sauce on top it runs onto the plate. This is not a way to impress your friends. But there are several simple ways to thicken the sauce to make it heavy enough to stick and add more texture. Continue reading

Cooking 101: EZ Cooked Vegetables

These veggies are complex carbohydrates.

These veggies are complex carbohydrates.

by donR  July 28, 2015

The USDA, a department of the US government recommends that we fill half of our plate with vegetables. But how many of us really do it? Any answer would be debatable and besides, that’s not the important question. A better question to ask would be, “How does one cook inexpensive vegetables in a way that preserves nutrients, is easy to fix, and tasty enough to eat every night?”  Here are five things to think about if you want to answer that question. Continue reading

Cooking 101: 5 Do’s for Better Nutrition

Include natural, low-fat proteins  in your daily meal plan

Include natural, low-fat proteins in your daily meal plan.

Better Nutrition? Yes, what you eat can make a big difference in how you feel, repair  cells, sleep, your energy level, fight disease and a host of other things going on in your body. Two thousand years ago a Greek physician taught his students to think of food as medicine for the body.  If this is true, what can you do to ensure you are getting the right kinds and quantity of food?

Here are 5 foods often found on most lists of nutritious foods. But first, keep in mind that some foods can interfere with medications so always see your doctor for special needs. Continue reading

Cooking 101; 5 Do’s To Remember

by donR  July 26, any year

Think Positive. Have a kitchen 'To Do' list posted in your kitchen.

Think Positive. Have a kitchen ‘To Do’ list posted in your kitchen.

It’s easier to remember items on a ‘To DO’ list when cooking rather than things on a ‘Do not Do’ list. I guess it has to do with something I learned early on as I challenged anyone who said “Don’t  _____ .) Or was it from my teacher education classes or parenting magazine articles? Frankly, what does matter is the next five articles I’m sharing with cooking newbies titled: ‘5 Do’s when________.’ 0r ‘5 do’s for __________.’ Be sure to watch this unfold over the next 5 days. Here is my first ‘To Do list.’

5 Things To Do In Your Kitchen To Prevent Food-Borne Illness:

#1. Thoroughly wash hands, counter top, sink, utensils and produce before beginning the cooking process.

#2 Have two clean cutting boards readily available, one red for cutting meat and one green for veggies.

#3 Use a digital meat thermometer to measure temperatures of meat, poultry or leafy greens to be sure food is cooked to the recommended safe temperature, and held above 135 degrees or stored below 41 degrees.

#4 Place meat on the bottom shelf of your refrigerator when storing it or letting it thaw out over night.

#5 Visit and/or bookmark the USDA website for food preservation, storage and safe handling information. But do come back for 5 more ‘Do’s about cooking.’

Cooking 101; 5 Helpful Tips

By donR  July 8, 2015

You are never too young or old to begin cooking.

You are never too young or old to begin cooking.

Seventy five years ago it may have been easier to compile  a list of  Affordable Basic  Cooking tips. I remember my mother and neighbors using local produce, with beef, pork and poultry. The limited variety of food was simply boiled, roasted or fried. In comparison, today’s supermarkets are filled with foods of all kinds and cook books with recipes for every occasion and ethnicity. With all those choices, people learning to cook find it difficult to keep it simple and easy. So now you know my first tip for a beginning cook. Continue reading

Buy Locally Grown Food And Lower Your Meal Cost?

by donR  July 7, 2015

Lisa and McKenzie, registered nutritionists  share light and tasty recipes on their website.

Lisa and McKenzie, registered nutritionists share light and tasty recipes on their website.

I repeatedly hear that “It’s more expensive to cook with local produce and meats.” But Lisa Samuel, a highly regarded nutritionist, shares ideas about assembling budget-friendly meals that utilize locally grown foods. “Making Local Foods Affordable” is a topic in the latest newsletter. Visit Lisa and McKenzie’s website nourish RDs to get the whole story. Continue reading

Hot and Sassy Salsa: From An Old family “Recipe.”

There is no need to follow a recipe. Make salsa to fit your taste.

There is no need to follow a recipe. Make salsa to fit your taste.

by donR  July 4th 2015

I watched in awe as Lili  made real “salsa” with my daughter Rebecca during a gathering of her friends on Independence day. We’ve always said “If you make a mess, make a big one” And as you can see by the pictures, they made lots of salsa; for 9 families.

Two things struck me the most. Lili used no recipe, and never has. Then, as she added ingredients, she shared some Tips N Tricks which I’m passing on to you.


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