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Easy One Skillet Meal from Planned-Overs

A tasty and healthy meal from planned--overs and food from the pantry

A tasty and healthy meal from planned–overs and food from the pantry

by donR  5/1/20l5

Serve soft or hard tacos one night then create  this simple, nutritious, one skillet meal on the second day. Cook once for several meals to save time, energy and avoid a trip to the grocer.

Nutritious?  This meal was made with whole foods except the dab of whipped cream and Better Than Bouillon® flavoring. Read More….

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Pork Shoulder: Economical, Delicious and Healthy

Gabriel Claycamp itroduced us toIntroduced us to boneless pork shoulder cushions. These 3 1/2 to 5 pound are roasts cost $1.90 per pound at Cash and Carry in Bellingham when purchased in 12 to 15 pound packages.

Gabriel Claycamp introduced us to boneless pork shoulder cushions

Pork shoulder cushions were the centerpiece for December’s Cook-In. Several people commented that they would start using more pork in their meal plan because these boneless roasts cost just $1.90 per pound at Cash & Carry in Bellingham when purchased in bags of four roasts. Pork, the other white meat not only fit their budget, they found it to be versatile and delicious. But in order to be tasty and tender, it needs to be cooked properly. Read more about two simple ways to prepare pork shoulder cushions. Continue reading

Preparing For A Cook-In: Pork, The Other White Meat

plate with pork roast

Tuesday’s cook-in features roasted pork loin and veggies. Join us and take enough home for several meals. (iclipart photo)

The hardest step in preparing for a cook-in is selecting a menu. If you think about it everyone has different tastes, health considerations, and budget. Therefore when selecting our menus, we ask the participants what they are interested in, then take a middle of the road approach. Here’s how we selected the menu for Tuesdays cook-in. Continue reading

$10 Meal Challenge: Stuffed Pork Loin

by DonR  10 23 14

Stiffed pork loin is a budget friendly alternative to beef and its so easy to cook.

Stuffed pork loin is a budget friendly alternative to beef and it’s so easy to cook.(iclipart illustration of stuffed pork chop)

Pork loin, when purchased from a restaurant supplier, is one of the better food values if you are a flexitarian. We purchased a 7 pound package for two dollars a pound on sale. One thick 9 ounce slice was more than enough for the two of us because it was stuffed with apple dressing. By adding coleslaw, whole grain bread and vegetables, we came close to My Plate  recommendations and under the $10.00 challenge limit. Continue reading

Grass-Fed Beef: How To Cook Roasts

Cooking A Lean Roast   By Don R

picture of roast beef

Lean roasts can be marinated and slow roasted to improve tenderness.

Having trouble cooking a lean roast? Me too, I’ve heard all the complaints such as: “Too dry,”  “No flavor”, “Fell apart!”. “It was tough.”, and “Took 8 hours to cook.” A friend of mine split a side of pasture-raised beef with me and told me how his wife cooked a shoulder roast. It was juicy, delicious and cooked in a slow cooker. I often use a slow cooker but roasts usually turned out dry and sometimes tough. Why? Simple question, simple answer!  Continue reading

Cook Once For Three Meals

plate with pork roast

Rebecca roasted a pork loin and used it in three delicious meals.

Can a family really cook once for three meals? 

After publishing our “Meal Planner,” my daughter and her good friend took up the challenge to see if they could cook once for use in three meals. They each were delighted to get several meals out of the main ingredient and did it for around $10 per meal. Continue reading

Grass-Fed Beef: Order Now

Grass-Fed Beef   by Don R

Natural grass-fed beef is flavorful, lean, and healthy.

Natural grass-fed beef is flavorful, lean, and healthy.

For meat ‘n’ potato eaters, there is nothing better than a  tender steak, or a juicy hamburger. For flavor, organic grass-fed beef is arguably superior to cattle finished  (fattened) out on corn. You only have three ways to get natural beef: raise it yourself, buy it in stores or order from a local farmer. Local food cooperatives usually carry a variety of natural meats. If you want to order directly from a farm,don’t wait too long to order, Here is why… Continue reading

A Ten Dollar Meal: Shepherd’s Pie

Shepard's pie is great for using planned-overs.

Shepherd’s pie is great for using planned-overs.

Shepherd’s pie is a comfort food that originated in Great Britain. Since the English elite confiscated all the grain, the commoners resorted to using potatoes as a food staple. The Irish cooked meat and vegetables together with wine and Worcestershire sauce then put that in a pot lined (or not) with mashed potatoes. After covering the meat with potatoes it was baked ’till done. Continue reading