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Your Guide To Choosing The Right Kind Of Flour

 by don R     (a substitution guide when using recipes with flour.)

Here's a quick guide to selecting the right flour for baking.

Here’s a quick guide to selecting the right flour for baking.

When baking, it is important to use the right kind of flour. For many years we would buy the cheapest flour on the grocer’s shelf not realizing why our gravy was lumpy or the bread did not rise. But more importantly, it is critical for some people to avoid flour containing gluten. So, yes, the type of flour you choose makes a difference.  Read more about different types of flour. Continue reading

Healthier Mac & Cheese



Macaroni and cheese: one of America’s favorite comfort foods.

 A link from eating popped up on my email today about 32 comfort foods for fall. On the list was macaroni and cheese: the ultimate comfort food.  Their video clip underscores some of the FMP “Tips & Tricks.”

  • Use a full-flavored sharp cheese in the recipe. Reduce the amount.
  • Use whole wheat macaroni or mix with semolina.
  • Add steamed veggies to pasta meals.
  • Make your own white sauce and add spices.
  • Comfort foods are ok when used sparingly. has recipes and articles for flexitarians like many of us. Follow this link to their site and the Mac & Cheese recipe. One of their goals is to offer recipes with reduced fats and sugars without sacrificing taste.


Basic Recipe: Rice Simplified

Cooking rice is easy once you understand he basics.

Cooking rice is easy once you understand the basics.

Rice is to a cook’s entrée as whitewash is to an artist’s canvas. They are  the base waiting to be filled with delicious ingredients  or vibrant colors. When  you understand how much water and time is needed for each type and variety of rice, cooking perfect rice will be a snap. Then you can add your favorite spices, sauces, veggies and meats to create a delicious meal without using a recipe. Read more about rice and a recipe by Lisa Dixon. Continue reading

Master Biscuit Mix Recipe 2; Fluffy Pancakes

pancakes-300xPancakes can be high in saturated fat but our Master Biscuit Mix has reduced butter and sugar content and  nutritious whole wheat  used in place of half the all-pupose flour. To make fluffier lighter pancakes, try this trick that I picked up from my roommate’s mother in college a long long time ago. Continue reading