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Make-It-Yourself Italian Dressing

Many fast food restaurants  and drive-ins offer salad as an alternative to high-calorie meals.  If you look at the salad greens and veggies you’ll find that they are undoubtedly a healthy choice for many people. The USDA website suggests eating more leafy greens. But what about the dressing? Does it matter which dressing you choose? It depends… Continue reading

Eating Well: Download Clean Summer Dinners

mixed vgtables

Garden vegetables are a key ingredient in light summer dinners.

“Eating Well” Magazine and website is packed with recipes that are healthy and flavorful. Their ‘clean living’ series of recipes will appeal to families living in the Pacific Northwest whose gardens are overflowing with succulent green veggies.

Continue reading

“Free” Cookbooks: 5 Tips For Worry-Free Downloading has downloadable booklets with healthy recipes for all occasions.

Lately I have been bombarded with free cookbook offers. Many will only allow you to download their booklet and print it. To make changes, it needs to be  converted to a usable format like PDF but doing so can be difficult. Changing the format might alter the layout and type style making it difficult to read. But the real danger has to do with allowing a virus in to attack your computer. Here are 5 things you can do to protect against a virus. Continue reading

Quotes From Seniors; 5 Tips & Tricks For Easier Cooking

bc-cookbbook-182x290Want to learn some “new” tips to make cooking easier?  All you need to do is lead a class in the Senior Center then sit back and listen to all the ideas.  Many in the class started cooking  a half century ago when there were no microwave ovens, crock-pots  or  digital appliances. Many recipes and cooking shortcuts were  passed along by family and friends. Here are five of their quotes. Continue reading

Free Salad Recipe Book: Submit Your Favorite Recipe This Month.

by donR   05 06 2015

Cabbage pressed with salt and vinegar saves nutrients and becomes easier to digest.

Cabbage pressed with salt and vinegar saves nutrients and becomes easier to digest.

Yesterday Linda harvested leafy greens from the Senior Center garden and distributed them during our cooking class. The spinach and bok choy was young and tender, “Perfect for stir-frying,,”  However, because this month’s theme is Salad I put this question in their lap and yours. “How could you use these leafy greens to prepare a nutritious salad?” Of course the greens are nutritious, rich in phytonutrients , vitamins and minerals. The real challenge here is to prepare a dressing that is also nutritious yet flavorful and complementary to the flavors in the greens, pastas, fruit, grains or whatever is used as the salad base. But…what about the book? Continue reading

Another $10 Meal: Soba Noodles-the Other Pasta

Fresh Soba noodles are mede from buckwheat; thick, nutty, and comforting.

Fresh Soba noodles are made from buckwheat; thick, nutty, and comforting.

Pasta is a popular choice for Springtime meals; light, spicy, easy to prepare and nutritious if you choose healthier ingredients. We described how to prepare Perfect Pasta in our basic cooking series and today I had a craving for a pasta dinner.  But, to take advantage of the “Hot Sheet Sale” at Cash & Carry, I purchased a 5# bag of fresh Yakisoba noodles ($3.24) along with a 5# bag of shredded cabbage ($2.98), 25# zucchini squash ($14.49) and 14# pk of pork shoulder cushions ($1.15 per pound).

I know…$36.81 is more than the “$10 Meal” in the title but let me share a few of the many meals that can be prepared with these ingredients…see the rest of the story. Continue reading

Why An Unbalanced Meal Plan Can Be A Balanced Plan.

by donR  5 16 2015

Our bodies are designed to stay balanced if...

Our bodies are designed to stay balanced if…

Okay, we all know by now that we should eat a balanced meal. The USDA Choose My Plate movement is based on this idea. But what does the word “balanced” mean? To answer this, think about how a playground teeter totter works. To stay balanced all you need to do is have the same weight on each side.  And if you have unequal weights, you simply adjust one or both of them to achieve balance.  Our bodies, likewise, are designed to adjust itself to stay in a balanced state but this is not always a simple task. Continue reading

Planned-Over Rice Pudding

This rice pudding was made with brown rice syrup. spiced rum and almond milk.

This rice pudding was made with brown rice syrup. spiced rum and almond milk.

“In the old days” my family seldom let food go to waste.  Day-old bread was used in bread pudding, milk toast or dried for dressing and breading. Yesterday we had more rice leftover than needed and I remembered how I liked my Aunt’s bread pudding. So…why not try rice pudding? Continue reading

Sr Center Slow Cooker Raffle

Slow Cooker

Conair Corporation makes quality small appliances and helps our projects.

Our expanded Senior Wellness & Nutrition Program is entering into it’s 4th month. In the beginning, we gave drawing tickets away at each class and last week we celebrated our success with a drawing for  a Cuisinart slow cooker with digital controls.

The back-story:  Fred came to our first class saying  ‘I really don’t like to cook!” Later he said “I can’t cook,” and just two minutes after that he said “I don’t know how to cook.” Well, the first class was all about crock-pot soup and Fred has been experimenting with fred awardcrock-pot soup every week.

So guess whose name was drawn for the 3.5 qt electronic Cuisinart slow cooker? You’re right and Fred will use it often because he discovered how easy it is to use slow cookers.He also said he can cook a big batch and freeze some for later Here are some other reasons to use slow cookers:

  • Some cuts of meat become tender after the long cooking process.
  • You can load it with food, set it and forget it until your return.
  • Slow cookers save energy, yours and electrical.
  • Easy cleanup
  • Cook without fat and oil for healthy options

Best Recipe Search Engine?: Sunshine Carrots

by donR  05 11 2015

The recipe for Sunshine Carrots was  found in the Greater Boston Food Bank data base

The recipe for Sunshine Carrots was found in the Greater Boston Food Bank data base

Click ‘N Cook, the Greater Boston Food Bank recipe data base, may not be the best* but I find myself using it more and more.  Simply put a check mark by a few ingredients hiding in your pantry and they will recommend simple, tasty recipes using those ingredients. Plus, the recipes tend to favor the use of whole foods like the recipe for Sunshine Carrots.  Continue reading