April’s Cook-In: Do-It-Yourself Month

Biscuit pot pies are easy to make during a cook-in

Pizzas are easy to make during a cook-in.

With the nice weather approaching, the FMP will wait until September before hosting our next Cook-In. So, we declare April as “DO-It-Yourself Month” Spring is a perfect time to host simple Cook-Ins from your home, church, park or community kitchen. Here are some ideas for keeping your first one simple, short and fun.

Form a group o help plan the Cook-In.

Form a group o help plan the Cook-In.

To get started, ask a relative, friend or close neighbor to help organize it. Two working together will make it more fun and relieve the pressure. We suggest you visit   Who said you can’t host a cook in?  for cook-in ideas. Here is the short version:

  • Make a simple game plan: location, recipe list, who buys ingredients, cookware, utensils, a fun activity, packaging?
  • Modify the plan if needed
  • Invite family, friends, neighbors or co-workers.
  • Cook up a storm
  • Cool & package “planned-overs” to take home
  • Share some of the food during a relaxing dinner.
  • Have discussion starters or games ready to start conversations  if needed.

Here are some recipe and activity resources:

The Greater Boston Food Bank will match your ingredients with their data base called “Click n Cook.”

Cooking Light, one of our favorites has a “recipe finder” for easy affordable meals.

The Family Dinner Project   has a downloadable guide to plan a  neighborhood family dinner. They also offer recipes and conversation starter activities.

Anyone who likes to cook and share recipes can host a cook-in.

Anyone who likes to cook and share recipes can host a cook-in.(iclipart photo)

Just Remember..It’s all about food fun and conversation. If you take care of the planning and prep, the people attending will bring a wealth of experience and ideas so the cooking part will be fine. Relax and enjoy the moment.