Website Description

book coverThe Family Meals Project website  presents many of the Tips n Tricks, recipes, and information offered in our book “$10 Dollar Meals For A Family Of Six”. Like synchronized swimmers, the soon-to-be-published book and the website are displaying the same messages. Our classes and presentations also echo  the same core principles which will be described in a moment.

The question  you might ask is “Are we done posting when all the core principles are posted on the web?” or “Can’t subscribers just download the book when it comes out?”  You certainly can download the book to cut to the chase, BUT the problem is that medical research does not stand still and neither is the book or website information. We will be self-publishing, e-marketing, and handing out excerpts to change them as new medical information comes out. In reality there will always be new posts and more revisions of the book.

One thing the will probably remain constant are the core principles. core ideasWhen you look them over you might laugh because they are so basic and “We all know that!” But, honestly do we actually apply the principles? So here they are…and please do not laugh.

Safe Food? How many of us religiously wash hands with soap and warm water for 20 seconds every time we touch something hosting germs? Do we always keep food out of the danger zone (42-136 degrees F?) or use separate sterilized chopping boards for meat and veggies?

Plan  ahead ? The FMP has a meal planner (being revised) that, if used, can save you hundreds of dollars per year PLUS by looking at the months meals at once, you can readily see which nutrient foods are omitted.

Real Variety? Does your cupboard have real food or processed foods? Are you aware that your family needs to consume lots of real leafy greens and a variety of other veggies to take in disease-fighting phytonutrients and cancer-fighting antioxidants.

The FMP hosts cook-Ins so family and friends can get together, cook, and take food home for the week. Food exchanges, gleaning, buying bulk foods with friends are also promoted in the FMP.

Lastly but far from being unimportant is the core idea that family meal time is a time to sit down with family, enjoy the food and each others company. Slowing down to eat and share stories is important in child development.

These core principles are emphasized in our program in addition to the usual recipes, cooking techniques and meal planning ideas. Stay tuned ad we explore each idea in-depth