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The FMP introduces Miss Olivia’s kitchen. 5/5/2015

Olivia 's video recipes will demonstrate the ABC's of culinary arts: Affordable Basic Cooking.

Miss Olivia ‘s video recipes will demonstrate the ABC’s of culinary arts: Affordable Basic Cooking.

With the help of students from Western Washington University the FMP will produce a series of videos to demonstrate how to cook the meal of the month. Olivia Rieland, a 14-year-old high school student, will be the host and chief chef. Miss Olivia will also show how to prepare simple meals, side dishes and ,aster mixes.To be successful we need your help to purchase better equipment and software.

If we can get children involved in cooking nutritious foods it will go a long way toward combating childhood obesity and diabetes. We are just planting a seed and hope that other groups can glean from our experiments.

Ferndale Food Bank Announces the Meal of the Month Program 6/15/2014
virginia-cleaning-upStarting in June, the Ferndale food bank will partner with the family meals project and WSU food $ENSE program to offer cooking classes and recipes to food bank clients. The FMP will offer hands-on classes and Food $ense will distribute recipes and instruction in cooking the meal of the month. The recommended meals are not only nutritious, they are easy to prepare and can be made with common kitchen utensils.
The Family Meals Project received startup monies from the Community Food Co-op to buy needed equipment and food for demonstrations. There is a small room with a sink enough space to use counter-top appliances and work with six clients. The classes are hands-on so participants prepare the ingredients and cook samples. Ingredients are then taken home to be cooked for their next meal. The FMP has also accumulated boxes of donated cooking utensils available to the participants as needed. It is our philosophy to give something to each participant such as a plastic cutting board, sieve or thermometer.
After being instructed in cooking the meal of the month the Ferndale food bank will pass out the ingredients needed for the meal.
food-$enseUpdate: now on our fourth month it’s evident that the meal of the month program is successful. Participants have created easy to prepare meals like veggie cheese muffins, vegetable egg scrambles, and vegetable stir-fry over rice. The family meals project is not only committed to teaching the classes but writing the curriculum whereby other food pantries can teach their own classes.
Hunger In America by donR 6/1/2014
The Reality
The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that 46 million Americans do not make enough money to meet their basic needs. In other words they live in poverty. Feeding America estimates that one in six Americans are hungry and rely on the 60,000 more food pantries and food distribution programs. Across America Volunteer programs are found in almost every city in the country.
Since the economic decline of 2008, government welfare programs have cut funding. At the same time, volunteer food assistance programs have increased. This may eventually cause a problem as states turn over responsibility for food distribution to volunteer organizations as a way of saving money. Only time will tell.
The solution
Private food suppliers often send their overstocked food, some of which are nearing their pull date, to food distribution centers usually called food banks. The banks in turn distribute food to local food pantries who will connect with the people. The food pantries rely on a lot of volunteer help and donations to keep them open. Local food drives offer another way to garner food to pass out. From money collected through donations grocers will often sell food to the pantries a discount rate