The Project

Welcome to the Family Meals Project! 

The Family Meals Project began in 2012, in the small town of Ferndale, WA with the leadership of Don Reiland. Along with, eight other community members with the common goal of engaging with local families and bringing healthy natural foods back to the dinner table at an affordable cost. Under the umbrella of the Ferndale Community Service Co-Op, the project was initiated. Since 2012 the project has been successful at hosting a variety of cook ins, as well as, working with community organizations like the Ferndale Boys and Girls Club, the Ferndale Food Bank and Ferndale Senior Center. Along with spreading their mission.

The projects mission- “To bring community together and explore ways to, plan, prepare and share healthy budget-friendly meals.” That mission has been the same for the last seven years. 


  • Safe Food- Priority one, keeping our food choices and kitchen clean. Food selection, proper hand washing and sanitation are essential in every kitchen. 
  • Plan Ahead- Meal Plan and Meal Prep, having a plan for the week saves time and money. 
  • Real Variety- Does your cupboard have real food or processed foods? On average we consume only 30 different foods in a week. Variety means more nutrition and keeps our dinner plates interesting. 
  • Friends & Family- Sharing a meal with family and friends brings meaning to your meal. A way to share traditions, laughter and quality time together. Eating slow, enjoying what you’ve prepared and of course each others company. 

These core concepts are emphasized in our program in addition to the usual recipes, cooking techniques and meal planning ideas.

New in 2020, the FMP is transitioning with the same mission and core concepts in mind. But now taking a simpler in-depth approach and expanding their reach within the community.

Up and coming will be a variety of cooking demos and workshops, not only focusing on meal planing, healthier food choices, cooking tips and tricks, but digging into the why of it all. Along with discussing the benefits that a healthy properly prepared meal, can bring to our families and overall well-being. In today’s busy world it may seem impossible to shop, prepare and sit down for a family meal. All while not breaking your budget. The Family Meals Project is here to support, teach and encourage that it is possible and easier than most think. Cooking and healthy food choices are not a chore, a burden or a bore. But rather something the entire family can enjoy!