Spice Mix: Cajun or Creole?

Cajun or Creole? by Don R Is there a difference between Cajun and Creole cuisine? The short answer is YES if you are familiar with  Louisiana cooking or culture. Culturally, the Cajun ancestors migrated to Louisiana from  Eastern Canada during the French and English war. Creole describes people who migrated to the New Orleans area […]

Spice Mix or Not: Italian

Italian Spice Mix,  or not Long ago I was told “Italians take pride in their food, wine and opera. Bad tenors and boring  sauces get the loudest whistles (boos) yet they’ll still drink the wine.” Fresh herbs and spices are the rule around the northern Mediterranean seaboard mostly because many herbs grow naturally in the […]

Spice Mix: Indian Cuisine

Indian Cuisine India is a large area divided into many regions;  each influenced by British, Portuguese and Mongolian occupation. Expect a wide variety of spicy tastes  and traditions. The staples of Indian cuisine are rice, atta (whole wheat flour), and legumes like lentils, peas, and beans. Each is split or kept whole to offer a  […]

Spice Mix: Make Your Own

Spice Mix:  Make Your Own                                                    by Don R  Making your own spice combination is a good way to save money. We will share simple recipes that are not only easy on your budget, they will replace many of the 30 or so spice jars taking up space on your shelves. But there are other reasons […]

Basic Recipes: Home-made Spice Mix

Your local Community Co-op carries a wide choice of bulk organic foods, including fresh spices and herbs. Search this directory to find  one in your area.    Why would you want to use a spice mix? There would be no need to have 50 different herbs & spices in your cupboard. There would be no […]

Cooking 101; 5 Helpful Tips

By donR  July 8, 2015 Seventy five years ago it may have been easier to compile  a list of  Affordable Basic  Cooking tips. I remember my mother and neighbors using local produce, with beef, pork and poultry. The limited variety of food was simply boiled, roasted or fried. In comparison, today’s supermarkets are filled with […]