Cook Once For Three Meals

Can a family really cook once for three meals?  After publishing our “Meal Planner,” my daughter and her good friend took up the challenge to see if they could cook once for use in three meals. They each were delighted to get several meals out of the main ingredient and did it for around $10 […]

New Year’s Resolution: Cook Once for Two Meals

If you are serious about tightening your food budget and saving time in the kitchen, using planned-over food will help do both.  Cooking once for several meals takes a little extra time and ingredients on the first day but the second meal is a breeze. With a little imagination and help from the family, the […]

The Family Cook-In Part 5: How To Carry On A Meaningful Conversation

by donR    March 6th 2016 The Family Dinner Project website has “tons of conversation starters” appropriate for any age level and on a variety of topics. These prompts can be written on cards and shared during the family dinner. This is just one of their many strategies  for promoting thoughtful conversation and this is […]

Quotes From Seniors; 5 Tips & Tricks For Easier Cooking

Want to learn some “new” tips to make cooking easier?  All you need to do is lead a class in the Senior Center then sit back and listen to all the ideas.  Many in the class started cooking  a half century ago when there were no microwave ovens, crock-pots  or  digital appliances. Many recipes and […]

Master Cookie Mix: 3 Flexible Variations

Our mother made cookies using a recipe similar to the  master mix we introduced in our last post. She would make a pouch and fill them with figs, or cut out trees and sprinkle them with small candies. Health-wise, these were not the best choice because she used shortening and lots of sugar.  The first […]