75 Ways To Healthier Pizza

Carry-out pizzas can contain as much as 700 calories per slice.

Carry-out pizzas can contain as many as 700 calories per slice.

by donR… for one of my past students who smuggled pizza into class every day.

  • Like pizza?
  • Like it more with fewer calories?
  • Love it with less fat?

Here is an article I found that gives ideas for making your own mouth-watering pizza while avoiding the high fat ingredients.

Greatist.com is an interesting website. Articles researched and written by a team of 17 1/4 “quirky” young adults focus not only on healthy lifestyle choices but  speculate as to why we make them. Oh, their research is backed up by consulting a panel of experts.

‘It’s not just about health and fitness. There’s so much more to living a healthy, happy life and we try to cover as much of it as we can!

The article shows 74 ways to assemble healthier pizza. Their tips range from reducing portion size and substituting ingredients p  or better yet…follow this link to their website/  and explore their recipes and ideas. Then us our forum to tell  us what you think about their approach to wellness.

Men’s Fitness exposed the “Fattiest” Pizza franchises.
They also gave some advice for choosing healthier ingredients  when dining out. Read the whole article to get the big picture.