5 Reasons Why We Hoard Leftovers, For A While.

tortilla wrap

Planned-overs were used to create this lunch using Re-fried corn bread, summer chicken salad wrapped in tortilla and cottage cheese.

When my daughter, a macro-biotic cooking instructor, visits I’m always curious about the left-overs she has in her brown paper bag. I pretend not to notice but know she has  containers of food-stuffs with which she can create nutritious, simple meals to share with us. She now has me hoarding planned-overs to use in dinners, for snacks or simple lunches, and comfort food. I like having these ingredients readily available.

Should we all be hoarding those bits of food to use while still safe to eat? Here are 5 reasons, guess the one most important to me then pick one important to you and your family.

Why would We keep planned-overs for later meals?

  • We save $ by using all the food we cook. duh!
  • We save time by simply warming the food up. duh 2!
  • Some type of meal is readily available in the storage area. +better reason
  • Reduces waste: “Waste not, Want Not.” honorable mention
  • Food tastes better when warmed up again; Think stew and soup. mmm
  • We are challenged to create a delicious, nutritious meal from food scraps. A++

We have posts about preserving and storing food, safe food handling and re-warming food. But if you need more information see the WSU publications on safe food handling.

Bon Appetite with planned-overs.  donR  June 29 2015