Food, Fun, & Conversation: 4 Weeks To Better Family Dinners

FDP Wkshpby donR    Updated August 12, 2015

You and your family can explore ways to have food fun & conversation around the family dinner table. For more information or to join the workshops and Community Dinners, follow the links below.

  • Log onto TheFamilyDinnerProject website and sign-up for “Food Fun and Conversation: 4 Weeks to Better Family Dinners.” this is a “Do-it-yourself” version. However they offer lots of Tips, Tricks and suggestions for support.
  • Contact them about any Community Dinners in your area or
  • Join us locally for Workshops and Community Dinners in Whatcom County, WA. They will begin in late September. Watch our events calendar for more information. Read more to learn about the workshops and Community Dinners:

Master-Mix-cookinWe are excited to be able to introduce this program in the Pacific Northwest because it has been proven to be successful,  has lots of supporting materials and ideas are supported by sound research. We understand that families need to play a role as communities and our Nation moves toward a healthy Future.

As host during our introductory workshops (Community Dinners.)  we  will explore rationale and a plan for engaging your family in the 4 week program. You decide how you want to start; either with us during monthly “Community Dinners” or at home with family members.

The goal is get FMP-sddtotal family involvement to make meal planning, prep, serving and eating around the table a part of your everyday life. Your family will benefit even more as they practice engaging in meaningful, respectful conversation.

We will be available to answer questions, give support and lead community dinners. The rest is for you and your family to decide. “Tag…you’re it!”.