25 Basic Recipes

Basic recipe  with different  ingredients added.

Basic recipe with different ingredients added.

What are “basic recipes?” One could call them “standard recipes,” “foundational recipes,” or “starter recipes,” For the FMP, these are recipes that offer a base for entrees and side dishes. Ingredients can then be added to create a unique flavor.

    Tortillas made from corn masa is basic to Southwest cuisine.
    Semolina pasta is basic to Mediterranean kitchens.
    Black beans are basic to Caribbean dishes.
    And rice is basic to Asian and Indian cooking.

In order to save money and assemble a healthier family meal, the basic ingredients and accompanying “basic recipes” will feature “real food.” Using these basic recipes will be easy once you have used them several times and changed them to fit your preference.

We will add a few each week and suggest you print them out and store them in a notebook for later reference. Feel free to add other ingredients to make it your own variation.

Here are a few basic foods that can become a foundation for thousands of recipes. When we post a new recipe we will refer to these basic recipes as needed.

    Basic rice recipe
    Basic bean recipe
    Basic pasta recipe
    Basic sauce recipes
    Basic spice mix recipes
    Basic thickeners
    Basic tortilla recipe
    Basic salsa recipe
    Basic biscuit recipe
    Basic bread recipe
    Basic pastry recipe
    Basic gelatin recipe
    Basic Smoothie recipe
    Basic veggie stir fry
    Basic steamed veggies
    Basic roasted veggies
    Basic grilling
    Basic slow cooked meats
    Basic slow cooked poultry
    basic stir fried meat
    Basic soup stock recipe
    Basic poached seafood recipe
    Basic casseroles