$10 Meal Challenge: Rejuvinating A Bland Pot Pie

By Don R  10/21/2014

Pot pie,  like payalla and hodge-podge lasagna, can be made with almost any veggies. What do you do if it has a dull flavor?

Pot pie, like payalla and Hodge-podge lasagna, can be made with almost any veggies. But if it lacks flavor……?

last night I made a vegetable pot pie that looked great, and all for under $10. Then, I knew I was in trouble when my wife tasted my creation and said  “Honey…” 

It looked beautiful when it came out of the oven and when serving it on plates but one taste and we realized that it was missing a lot of flavor and the texture was a little mushy because I put planned-over macaroni in it. But this entree can be salvaged, read more…

In order to stay under $10 ($1.66/plate) I found planned-over veggies in the freezer and made this casserole Ingredients are covered with biscuits cooked in a pot so it bears the name pot pie.

To make it palatable we added sea salt, cayenne pepper and a teaspoon of Worcestershire-sauce. But today I thought there must be better choices than salt and adding hotness to the meal. Here are some mixes you can use to add flavor  It’s not complete by any sense of the imagination but it’s a start

  • To change the flavor and fool your taste buds add lemon juice. It will perk up the taste and your body won’t know it’s lemon instead of salt
  • You can take the existing casserole and then add one half can of cream of celery soup and 1/2 C chopped almonds. Celery has a nice flavor and the chopped  nuts improve the texture of the casserole.
  • Lettuce has little taste yet you love it when you put dressings on it. So Italian dressing is a common pick me up used in a lot of meals to add  flavor. You can add ranch or thousand island but that is just adding more fat.
  • For an Asian taste I like hoisin-sauce and Yoshida’s marinade which are a little bit sweet. Adding Braggs aminos or teriyaki sauce is delicious but they contain a lot of salt
  • A simple solution would be to add Roquefort or Parmesan cheese. These are fatty but you don’t need to use very much because they have intense flavor.
  • And the last way to add flavor is to add a spice mix after putting it back on the stove to reheat it. I like to add Herb bouquet, our own spice mix, because it blends a little garlic with herbs for a unique taste.

Now you can delete your list if you made one. You do not need it because the ones listed above are MY preferences.You need to decide what your family likes and always keep it in the cupboard. The important trick is to taste the entree as it cooks and add spices & herbs while it simmers.