$1 Stocking Stuffers: Holiday Gifts That Keep On Giving


If your family hangs stockings as a way to exchange small gifts, teas,  home-made jellies, and spice mixes may be fine. We suggest you add a few small kitchen tools because these helpful items can be used over and over to make cooking easier.  

 All of the following cooking tools are described in our upcoming book “$10 Meals for a Family of Six,” and are on our list of essential kitchen items. Many are available for $1 at the Dollar Tree.

  • stock-stuf-4Digital meat thermometer to measure whether your meat  is safe to eat.
  • Scrub brush for washing vegetables.
  • Hand grater for making zest.
  • Bamboo mat for making sushi or egg and rice rolls.
  • Refrigerator or oven thermometer to accurately measure temp.
  • The green plastic mat is a flexible cutting board.


  • Wooden spoon and fork
  • Wire whisk for mixing sauces.
  • Stainless sieve for sorting and washing legumes. It is also useful for dipping seafood into hot oil and removing vegetables from boiling water.


  • Measuring spoons and cups. Each child can have a set and practice measuring.
  • Funnels are useful when transferring liquids and spices to small containers.
  • A steamer basket is used almost daily for cooking vegetables or reheating planned-overs.
  • Use a pastry brush to spread oil, baste roasts, spread sauce and glaze pastries.  
  • The tea ball holds bulk tea and spices.
  • The green rubber mat helps you grip bottle and jar tops for easy removal


  • 1/16″ mesh covers a wide-mouth jar to make a  sprouting jar.
  • Grow sprouts from seeds in your new sprouting jar.
  • Peeler for serrated carrots and potatoes.
  • A spring clip helps keep bags sealed and notes hung.
  • Wooden skewers are great for making broiled or grilled k’ bobs. Soak in water before using.
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